Inside PTSI

Ever wonder what it feels like to have PTSI? Hang on to your idea on truth! Imagine, if you are able, having every nightmare come to mind at the same time. Then add tonight the screams and moans of those you may have killed or injured or have seen killed or injured, added to those voices. Then add to it the knowledge that you have caused these images both real and witnessed to the voices accusing you of their pain and struggle!

Then meds help suppress these screams and accusatory voices. Now imagine being denied these medications so the screams, faces and accusatory voices are no longer suppressed. How would you fair?

I have been denied the meds that I am supposed to take 3 times a day to mute the symptoms of PTSI. I would be lying if I stated that the screeching voices and the faces I cannot forget have commenting using forefront of my mind and I cannot stop them. I feel as if I am being torn apart and my mind is being shredded. Yet, I have to deal with people who believe this is NOT a real event.

Please pray for my sanity as my meds are denied for the next 30 days. Would that I could withdraw into the darkness until I could receive my meds again.