That Night

As night set in, we came under fire. The ensuing firefight was terrifying! Every round we put downrange came back at us from multiple directions.

I heard the wet “thwak” of rounds hitting human beings…my friends, my brothers in arms…my comrades. I know their families, their children, even the names of their pets. Yet hearing the rounds hit them and their muffled cries for the medic…

I relive that night every night. I relive every such firefight every night. What should we have done differently? How did we miss this intel? Why did we get caught in that trap?

I feel as though I am going insane at times when I hear the echoing voices in mind. The hollow ring of the firefight. Then the sweat begins. And my hands shake so badly I have to sit on them. Clinching my teeth until my jaw muscles knot and cramp.

What’s to become of me?

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