The Darkness

The Darkness seeps into every cell and synapse of my mind. Like an oily mist slowly engulfing every thought until no longer has a spark of light remaining.

Paralyzed! Unable to move or think or breathe. Only the droplets of sweat are able to move. Eyes cannot unsee the memories of the evil deeds done, which can never be undone. Scars that still seep blood. Screams which cannot be released…stuck in the throat, choking….suffocating.

Every appendage trembles as they straining to escape, yet the electricity of horror refuses to release the mind or body. Eyes open, unable to close, forced to bear witness to the carnage rendered by these unmoving hands.

Is there any relief to end this cycle? Will death end these horrific scenes? What is a quick and painless way to cease to exist?

Sleep is always elusive! During the day, The Darkness is always just within the realm of consciousness waiting for the chance to invade again.

Sitting at my desk, driving to another meeting where I am expected to help others, staring into my coffee, while staring into my computer screen, I still hear the screams spilling from The Darkness into my mind.

Would that my mind would snap and be done with this torment! Would that my heart would cease to beat so the pressure would not suffocate any longer.

Release! Sweet permanent release of death. The cold silence of the end.

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