It Never Ends Until The End.

I wish I could forget, but I cannot. The waking nightmares….the faces….the names…their deaths…I will never be able to forget. Nor will I ever be able to forgive myself for surviving when it should have been me.

“Boom Boom” Bryan, “Chico” Charlie, “Dammit” Dave, and the rest…their eyes glazed, their breath no more….

When does it stop? It doesn’t! The faces, the tears, the fears, the carnage…never lets up.

Regardless of my efforts, I could not save them. I followed orders, they died…yet I survived. I, and I alone, bear the guilt of their demise. I, and I alone, bear witness to the events of that day. Would that I would have gone down with them so the burden would not weigh so heavily on my soul.

Would that I could so honourably die and join them in honor and glory. But here I remain, to relive over and over the battle where so many were shredded by enemy fire.

But who cares but me. No one dares to bother with the likes of me when the raw truth be told.

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