Adventures In Stuff Mart

Stuff Mart

I pulled into Stuff Mart to get my supplies for the month and was absolutely stunned by the complete apathy of people, as the detritus they left behind proclaimed.  When I exited my car, I was greeted with the pungent stench of a rotting dirty diaper sitting right next to a refuse container!  This diaper had not even been folded or wrapped, it was just left with the putrid contents drawing flies from near and far.  This was surrounded by empty water bottles, various food wrappers, straws, cigar and cigarette butts, beer bottles and cans…all less than a single step from the rubbish bin. Then there were the abandoned carts scattered, each containing more rubbish and refuse.

Is this indicative of our society having become so apathetic that we seem to believe “someone else” is responsible for our own laziness?

Upon entering Stuff Mart, the lazy apathy continued to be apparent.  There were pallets of merchandise blocking aisles while employees leaned on them glued to their cellphones.  Then came the Aisle Blockers who come in droves, refuse to walk behind each other, so there can be a two way traffic flow.  They spread out across the aisle and slowly trudge up and down each and every aisle.

Stuff Mart might have “lower prices” on some things, but I would rather pay more and go to a cleaner, less crowded shoppe for my supplies.  I HATE SHOPPING!!!

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