Just Venting


There are quite a number of things I do not understand.

  1.  Who really cares so much about the details of lives of “celebrities”?  Do these curious folk have no lives of their own so they must engross themselves in every aspect of the lives of the Hollywood crowd?
  2. What is the big deal about who wears what to some event?  How many times have you been approached by someone to inquire who you are wearing?  My answer? “I’m wearing what I found in the shrubs. What’s it to you?”
  3. When did a square of tofu with two string beans and some schmutz drizzled on a plate constitute a $150 “meal”?  Just because you add the word “gourmet” to the item and shrink the size in no way creates an irresistible craving in my brain.  If I do not walk away filled (and with leftovers) it does not deserve the term “meal.”
  4. Who gets to decide what constitutes a “must have” item?  I strongly dislike buzzwords for the simple reason they are immediately overused to the point of nausea!
  5. When did we cease being dwellers on the same planet and become so offended by our fellow planet-dwellers?  So many seem to be bent on shouting, protesting, suing, rioting, and ruckus raising, yet no one seems to want to listen or work together to find mutually equitable solutions.

Rant concluded for now.

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