Giving Up Is Not An Option

The Struggle Is Real

I have written before about my struggle with PTSD/PTSI and depression.  I realize people don’t like to read about such things, and that’s okay.  I write more to get my thoughts out so my mind can process them a little better.  Yet even though I struggle and have wanted to just give up, there’s a part of me that reminds me giving up is not an option!

I don’t care how weird I may sound, how goofy I may look, how odd my decisions may appear, because I’m not giving up.  Everything in my life right now is a coping mechanism.  My very existence is a coping mechanism. I will struggle and I will fail…BUT I will get up again and keep trying.

This is not something that can be easily understood or explained for someone who has never experienced it.  It’s like trying to describe the pain of the birthing process to guy.  The true impact will simply not be understood.  However, if you have ever experienced the anguish of PTSD/PTSI complicated by Depression, you understand without my words.

My counsel for anyone who is currently struggling with life: NEVER GIVE UP!!  We only get this ONE adventure on this Earth, there will be pain and there will be happiness. Embrace the journey knowing that EVERYTHING is temporary!  Keep going on to the next adventure!

4 Replies to “Giving Up Is Not An Option”

  1. “This is not something that can be easily understood or explained for someone who has never experienced it.” This. Everything about this! When someone who has never suffered mental illness says to me: “I know how you feel” and goes on to apply their mentality and life experiences to explain my mood and thoughts, it triggers me. I understand they come from a place of love, but please stop presuming to know what I go through. Because even with the most expressive individual using the most descriptive language, a healthy mind can never fully comprehend the spectrum of a depressed one.

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    1. True. And PLEASE don’t try to “cheer” me up! If you truly understand any part of what life is for the depressed soul, you would know not to try to cheer me up!


      1. Those are the people that tells us “just get over it”, “it’not a big deal”, “why don’t you try this”, “aren’t you just being lazy”, “aren’t you just using your illness as an excuse”, or the myriad of phrases I’ve heard over the years that kill me a little inside.

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      2. The one I hear the most is “what’s wrong with you that you can’t snap our of it?” then there’s the shredder of my soul, “You just need to quit feeling sorry for yourself.”


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